Congress and Sports

As everyone has noticed lately, our government seems to be poking their nose into all different aspects of sports.  This is really getting old in my opinion, especially considering our current economic situation.  First, Congress decided that it was their place to decide who had and who had not done steroids in baseball and who was giving these athletes the steroids.  Now they have decided to take a stand on how the college football system should work.

In my personal opinion these Congressional hearings are a huge waste of my tax money and also time that could be spent figuring out how to fix our economy.  The whole steroid issue with baseball is getting pretty old and I am tired of hearing about, which is why this post is about Congress and not steroids.  When Congress first decided to look into this granted our economy was not nearly as messed up as it is now, but they still have no right to poke their nose into baseball.  This would not be an issue if they were giving baseball a bailout like so many other businesses.  And now they have decided to take “power” to other sports, like college football.

Yesterday, Congress held a hearing on the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) format for college football.  They are trying to decide if this is a fair way for the champion to be chosen.  I only have one question about this hearing.  What in the hell does Congress have to do with how the college football championship is decided?  I am completely baffled that Congress would be worried about college football right now instead of trying to come up with ways to improve our economy that is increasingly getting worse, or even trying to bring our troops home from Iraq.

To sum it all up I think that Congress should be more worried about the people in our country that are losing their jobs instead of getting involved in things that do not concern them.


~ by bravesball on May 2, 2009.

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