What Will Philadelphia do Now?

This a great question regarding Philadelphia and sports.  This is a great question because the Flyers proved to be choke artists against the Penguins on Saturday.  The Flyers blew a 3-0 lead in the first to end up losing 5-3.  Now the only thing left for Philadelphia right now is the Sixers.

Who would have thought that by this time the Flyers would be out of the playoffs and the Sixers would still be in it.  The only problem is that the Sixers seem to not be able to get things done when they need to either.  Another problem is that people in Philadelphia do not exactly support basketball as much as hockey, baseball, or football.  Football is only in the extreme beginning for the year and baseball is only a couple of weeks in, where not too much matters yet.

The best thing for the Philadelphia sports world that has happened lately was the NFL draft and the Phillies opening the season a World Champions.  The Eagles made out great in the draft this past Saturday.  They might finally have a top receiver in Jeremy Maclin out of Missouri and another running back to get in and do some smash mouth running, or simply take Westbrook’s spot when he gets hurt again, it will happen.  They also stole Ingram, a tight end from the University of Florida, who will possibly replace L.J. Smith.

As far as the Phillies go, they have a solid team, but are also playing in one of the strongest divisions in baseball.  They have to play the Mets, Marlins, and Braves more than any other team.  This could prove to be a great test for a team that has good pitching and great hitting.  Their only problem that I see is that they tend not to come on strong until the end of the game and when their playing a team with a good middle relievers and closers they might not have enough to come back.

Overall, Philadelphia as a sports city will be alright but it is extremely disappointing to see that the Flyers kind of held true to the stereotype that Philly teams are choke artists.  This is not true for the Phillies obviously, but it has proven true for all other teams in their respective sports.


~ by bravesball on April 27, 2009.

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