What will GM and Chrysler problems do to NASCAR?

With Chrysler and GM having financial problems could NASCAR lose two of its biggest contributors?

This question is not as off the wall as it seems. These companies, including Ford and Toyota, put an estimated $180 million into marketing and technical support for NASCAR. This money could possibly put GM and Chrysler, the two struggling the most, over the financial edge.

You must also look at it from the NASCAR side of things because without these companies technical support some of the teams that are not loaded with money could very well go under as well. Obviously this does not include teams like Hendrick or Gibbs Racing, but could be the deal breaker for some. If GM and Chrysler fail NASCAR could not be too far behind. Without these companies, true American car builders, many fans will lose interest.

I know personally that I would not like to see all foreign cars in a sport that is deeply rooted in American cars. If you pull these companies out and replace them with Honda or even some German manufacturers the fan base will fall drastically. If the fan base falls then the tracks cannot stay opened, if the tracks cannot stay opened then there will be less races. If there are not enough races and sponsors of these races then NASCAR will eventually fail.

This most likely will never happen but if these companies keep going down the same path they will affect more people than just their employees.


~ by bravesball on April 23, 2009.

One Response to “What will GM and Chrysler problems do to NASCAR?”

  1. Nice blog. I have a question: Is NASCAR run with the same outstanding business acumen as the Big 3 automakers? Are there union contracts squeezing the life out of NASCAR? Does a guy who works in the pits for a NASCAR team have fully-paid-for, no-ductable health insurance, a $75 per hour salary and mandatory work breaks? Can’t you just see it – the car slides into the pit for a fuel-up and a tire change because the right rear was smoking on the last turn, but the guys who normally come running out are sitting around with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. When the crew chief yells at them to get on that racer, they look at sideways and say, “You can’t yell at us. We’ll go out on strike!”

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