The NFL Draft. Why you shouldn’t watch it

The NFL draft is one of the most boring things to watch on television, it is comparable to watching a round of golf on television, except for the last day of the Masters of course. The majority of the day is made up of teams on the clock and analysts talking about what they think those general managers are talking about. This is pretty much exactly what we hear for most of the month leading up to the draft, who they think the team is going to pick and who they should pick.

Don’t get me wrong I love football and I completely respect what those analysts have to say, but I do not enjoy hearing everything I have been hearing since the combine, repeatedly. I also feel that with the evolution of technology you can get notices on your phone with your teams draft pick or every draft pick for that matter. Most people will watch when their team is on the clock and then as soon as they are off the clock they change the channel, and periodically check back to see if their team is on the clock again.

Although I do enjoy draft parties, it is really just a reason for guys to get together, hangout and most likely drink a little (or a lot). These are fun and I’m sure for guys married with children this can be a good reason to get out of the house and have a break from all that. But lets be honest, Do you really watch most of the draft?

I am not in any way putting down the football junkies who will actually sit there through all those hours of watching basically the same thing over and over. I personally can think of about a hundred other things to do this Saturday that I would not put off for the NFL draft.



~ by bravesball on April 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “The NFL Draft. Why you shouldn’t watch it”

  1. I respect your position. And I respect your respect of my position – because I am a Draftnik.
    I simply cannot get enough.

    A point you left out of your brief analysis is that if a person spends a lot (read: ridiculous) amount of time in studying draft prospects and draft possibilities, why then would they not spend a proportionate amount of time actually watching the Draft unfold? If a person like this didn’t watch the Draft after all their time investment, I think that would be analogous to a pre-marital couple working out all the preparations and details for their upcoming wedding, getting everyone there, and then blowing it off for something else.

    Your point is heard.
    I simply cannot get enough, and MAN am I pumped!


    • I completely respect your position. And I completely agree that if a person spends a lot of time researching the prospects it would not make sense if they did not watch the draft. Good point.


  2. Interesting perspective. We had a lot of people weigh in over at my blog eduClaytion about which coverage you prefer, ESPN or NFL Network. I didn’t get anyone who said it’s boring. I actually agree with that if you’re talking sole entertainment. For me, I love the draft as background noise while I work.

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