Mutombo will be missed

Dikembe Mutombo, as we know him, was not just a great basketball player, he was also a wonderful person. This can be seen in his hospital that he had built in the Congo. Dikembe shelled out around $19 million to build that hospital, including paying squatters farming on the land to move somewhere else. He also went through struggles with the government over the land-use permits. This was the first modern hospital built in the area in over 40 years. This shows the greatness that he portrays as a human being not as an athlete.

As an athlete, Mutombo has been outstanding throughout his memorable career. Mutombo is second only to the great Hakim Olojuwan and hundreds ahead of the next active player on the list Shaquille O’Neal. While his name is not put up there with some of the greatest players of all time we have to look at these numbers and be amazed. I personally did not realize that he was this great of a shot blocker until I started writing this post. The one ting that everyone knows him for is the famous finger wag after he throws the ball into the seats on a block. This show of humble “cockiness” will be missed during Houston Rockets games.

His career came to an end on a knee injury during the Rockets loss on Tuesday night to the Portland Trailblazers. Hopefully he will be as great a person after basketball as he was during his career.


~ by bravesball on April 22, 2009.

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