Baseball: The Rich Man’s Game

In case no one has noticed recently baseball is becoming extremely expensive to watch live.  Ticket prices and other expenses endured during a game are steadily increasing.  This is due to the increasingly ridiculous salaries that the players are getting paid.  Ticket prices have been on a steady increase and now with the recession are too high for most ballparks to sell out.

Boston is one of the ballparks that it is virtually impossible to walk up to the ticket booth and buy tickets, mainly because of the size of the park.  But with the ticket prices rising as fast as the unemployment rate this could soon change.

There is no ballpark where the rise in ticket prices is more evident than in the new Yankee Stadium which opened up this year.  When watching Yankees game, which almost always sell out,  it became apparent that the $2,500 price, which will be increasing by 4 percent next year,  was even too much for the people in New York to pay to see their team play. It can also be seen in Pittsburgh where ticket prices are averaging around $300.

In some ballparks there are actually more seats empty than filled. This used to be seen only in Florida, mainly because of the size of the stadium they play in, and clubs who were not doing so hot for years. These types of clubs are taking the hardest hit from raising ticket prices because they already have a hard enough time getting fans to come out. The Washington Nationals are a great example of this because their prices are fairly high due to the new stadium built last year.

I remember going to Citizens Bank Park on opening day three years ago and getting standing room tickets for $10. Now those tickets are selling for around $15, not a huge jump but in three years that’s a 50 percent increase.

If baseball owners continue down this destructive path baseball as we know it might be over.



~ by bravesball on April 22, 2009.

One Response to “Baseball: The Rich Man’s Game”

  1. All good points, but attendance in April, aside from Opening Weekend, is always horrendous, and rightly so. The weather has been horrible the first few weeks of this season, and while high prices certainly deter new fans, weather will keep even the most diehard fan out of the stands. Look for increased attendance this weekend around the east coast where the weather will be fantastic.

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